A Tongue Silent Like Your Words

Film_A_Tongue_Silent_Like_Your_Words_02 Film_A_Tongue_Silent_Like_Your_Words_03


Film_A_Tongue_Silent_Like_Your_Words_Exhibition_05 Film_A_Tongue_Silent_Like_Your_Words_Exhibition_04

Animation / Installation


Of our given identity, sexuality and desire. A contradictory craving for a simultaneous intimacy and separation. As the rider feeding himself / herself into the void, an episodic events abruptly taking place one after one another: It is not possible to utter a word for a forbidden thought.

Exhibition: The project is a room installation, a replication of my room / studio being moved to a storage shed. Convert a forgotten corner into an exhibit space / apartment.

Animation | 5 min 47 sec | 2013

Installation | Solo exhibition: Screening + Original Script + Live Music + Beer + ( A tailor-made 3D illusion screen installed inside the mattress privately screening a dream sequence just for you ) | 2013