Mosquito Fight


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Mosquito Fight


Taiwan is almost always scorching hot and humid through out the summer with mosquitos flying around this small island. My studio is in the basement where mosquitos love to visit all year round especially after a thunder shower in an afternoon, they pops up from nowhere rush all in and buzzing around. At first, a few of them started to attack me and then comes more and more...I tried every possible means to evict them but my attempt only trigger a more aggressive fight-back. We fight as if we at war, bodies of mosquitos fallen like crashing battle-planes.

一 年四季都是關節炎好發的季節 整年有九個月是蚊子盛行的日子 今年似乎又長了點 直到冬季快過完了 工作室裡的蚊子 有增無減越打越多 連月的陰雨潮溼的空氣 招來不厭其煩的蚊群 連呼吸都得撥開一個空檔借個位 被蚊群包圍的小島人民 佔去百分之七十的天空領域 天上看似烏雲 的是團簇的蚊群。

Installation + Animation | 1 min 10 sec